Magic Lessons Dark Kingdom Fanart Contest

This contest is being run by Kir-tat on deviantART. Kir-tat (or Tata) is a Russian artist who often creates detailed fanart digital paintings of the Dark Kingdom villains from Sailor Moon. Feel free to browse through her Dark Kingdom works in her deviantART gallery, to get an idea of her style. There are a few pages of work to browse through, and we think many of our readers will be impressed!

We are advertising Kir-tat’s contest because we think our readers may be interested in participating (or at least seeing the results!).
Note: The information below is largely the contest details written by Kir-tat in her deviantART journal.

The themes of her contest are magic lessons or show me magic. These themes suggest various scenarios – serious, romantic, or humorous. You can interpret and understand the theme freely, your imagination is not limited by anything, save for a few rules…

The Rules:

  • You must include at least one of the following five characters: Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite, Beryl (from Sailor Moon).
  • Anime (or manga) version of the character(s), not live-action.
  • You can also include any other SailorMoon/original/other series characters.
  • Drawings done in any media and style are accepted – realistic or manga, traditional or digital…
  • Works that will not be accepted: collages, copies or tracings, old images (that were not made for the contest), works that would hurt someone’s feelings, and other works that would break the rules established by deviantArt.
  • No more than 3 works from one author
  • Contest pieces should be posted in your DA gallery and links submitted as comments to Kir-tat’s journal entry about the contest.
  • Submitted pieces will be added to Kir-tat’s journal entry about the contest as they are received (and as she has time).
  • All works will afterwards be published on a special contest page of the site (Kir-tat’s website), with links to the contestants’ pages.
  • Kir-tat will be picking the winners. Personal favoritism is not possible, in fact she hopes her firends will help her with the judging. So don’t be shy about participating and good luck everyone!
  • Last day for submission: December 20th, 2010
  • The results will be published no later December 27th, 2010

1st place – Kir-tat’s artbook (see image on the right) + a surprise (she will mail to any part of the world, but only after the 10th of January)
2nd place – coloring of your sketch/lineart (1-2 characters)
3rd place – coloring of your sketch/lineart (1 character)

Character info:
Reference info
Screenshots by Stayka

Just in case:

in Russian fandom, the demons are often believed to have the following magic: Jadeite – demon of Dreams and Illusions, Nephrite – demon of Stars and Destinies, Zoisite – demon of Fire and Wind, Kunzite – demon of Ice and Chaos. You are not required to use this information, but perhaps it will inspire someone. And if you like, you can comment on the journal entry about the contest to connect with other contest entrants.

And here’s the cover for her artbook, featuring the four generals:

We hope our readers enjoy Kir-tat’s artwork and encourage our artistic readers to consider entering the contest. We will definitely be keeping an eye on the results!

2 Responses to “Magic Lessons Dark Kingdom Fanart Contest”

  1. ~CyCyN~ Says:

    D: ……



    *Drawing fanart brb*

  2. Sailor Music Says:

    I would enter, but I'm not that good of an artist. And I don't like drawing males or villains.

    ((I'm having a Sailor Pride contest, which is about making a Sailor Senshi that represents LGBT Pride.))

    This really looks like a cool contest and I can't wait to see the results!

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