Look What Fed-Ex Brought Me Today…

It’s here, and it’s live! Today has been such a great day for Sailor Moon and our readers (we will probably let you know why later). Alas, I have just come home and I am a little hungry. Will give this a try later today!

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  1. BIGMercenary Says:

    Several questions:
    Is it region-locked?
    What kind of game is it? An RPG like the old SNES games?
    Where the heck did you get it from and where can I order a copy?
    And, just for kicks, are you even going to be able to understand what's being said? lol

  2. Anonymous Says:

    🙂 Still not sure what to think of the game yet but I'll be looking forward to seeing the review.

    In the mean time I will be repeatly telling myself that I'm not dreaming and that the us really is finnally in the loop on sailor moon's return.

  3. sailordees Says:

    I am writing the review right now after around 90 minutes of gameplay.

    here are the answers to both of your questions…

    Not Region Locked
    A combination puzzle-RPG Game
    I bought it from bol.it, if you search for the older posts you'll be able to find it. You can save around ten dollars if you get it from amazon.it.
    Yes, I can understand what is being said with the odd word throwing me off. But dialogue is such a small part of this game.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    how about posting some videos on youtube showing us some gameplay please:)

  5. Brit-chan Says:

    Does amazon.it ship to US? I'm assuming it must. I am considering buying it but in US dollars its almost $30 plus i can't imagine what the shipping will cost… and i just don't have the money to spend on things like that right now. T_____T I ARE SAD SAILOR MOON FAN.

  6. sailordees Says:

    Yes, Amazon.it will ship to the US! Please read the review above though first.

    I am open to suggestions on how to film gameplay – I am unsure how to hold the camera and play at the same time. My guess is that this would be a two man job since the DS requires both hands. And we have a Sevenload account full of videos!

  7. Brit-chan Says:

    You could always get a tripod to put your camera on. That would be the easiest thing to do plus then there won't be any shaking. If you don't have a tripod, just put a few books on a table and position yourself so the camera picks up the ds screen.

    And I just read the review and I may not get this game afterall. lol. I might just wait and see how everything goes here in the US cause for all we know, we might get a game or two. 🙂

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