Legend of the Moon – Fan Run ISMD Event in Los Angeles

New for Los Angeles this year, an 18+ nightclub style event is coming for Sailor Moon fans! Organized by Carrie Sleutskaya (a Project Runway alumna), fans can expect to see a very different style of Sailor Moon event come to Los Angeles this year. We think that this year’s Legend of the Moon is going to be a fun event for older fans of Sailor Moon and it sounds like it’s going to be a memorable night.

Check out the promo video!

Performance Guest Highlights Include:

The Corps Dance Crew

A widely acclaimed dance crew, the five performers will be cosplaying as the inner Sailor Guardians. They have performed at multiple conventions, and will be performing two different themed acts: “Hip Hop Sailor Guardians” and “Ronin Scouts.” Each act showcases different cosplays to accentuate their

Burlesque Performance by Moon Tease Burlesque

From the annual packed “Moon Tease Burlesque” show, performers Lola Chan (as Sailor Chibi-Moon), Miss Onyx Von Duren (as Queen Nehelenia), and Gwen Ruby (as Luna), will reenact their exclusive once-a-year performances not seen anywhere else.

Music Spun by XIAN VOX

This Los Angeles DJ and promoter brings an impressive résumé of sonic alchemy to the table. Among a myriad of previous residencies, the EDWARDIAN BALL and the LABYRINTH OF JARETH fantasy masquerade stand out. But mainly she is known as the owner of LADEAD (Los Angeles Darkside Events And Dance), a brand that spans a dozen different events, formats and aesthetics; including the internationally infamous rollerskating party, WUMPSKATE, and what began as the world’s first steampunk club back in 2005, MALEDICTION SOCIETY. Most of her patrons are aware of her passion for music, and her ability to weave strange narratives at the decks. But what most don’t know is that XIAN is also an avid fan of anime and manga, with a completion list that would put most otaku to shame. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Additional Event Highlights:

  • Cosplay contest judged by Carrie Sleutskaya (fashion designer, costume fabricator for film/tv, and graphic designer), JoEllen Elam Conway (fantasy designer behind “Firefly Path”), and Kristen “Space Invader” Carr (recognized cosplayer, costumer, and fabricator for film/tv). Each of the cosplay contest judges will be contributing to the contest prizes and additional prizes are provided by event sponsors.
  • VIP room with exclusive entertainment:
    • Nexxus is a magician from the Magic Castle, who will be dressed in theme as the character “Tuxedo Mask,” utilizing the character’s trademark item (roses) in his acts amongst the many other magical acts he has planned. Additionally, he’ll be giving exclusive invitations to the Magic Castle for VIP members only.

    • Leelahel is our “Moon Mystic” and will be offering complimentary 10-minute readings to members. She will take a look into the secret messages that the universe provides through the timeless wisdom of her tarot cards and offer consultation to explore options for life, self-empowerment, and self-love. She is offering an additional list of services available for that night.
  • Photo areas staged by Make Light Studios
  • Themed cocktails that incorporate Go Girl Energy drinks
  • Moonlight Market with vendors selling various items
  • Small art gallery displaying Sailor Moon art by various artists

Tickets for the event are $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door for general admission. Must be 18+ to attend.

$40 pre-sale tickets are also available for VIP (may or may not be available at the door at a higher price), must be 21+.

Pre-sale tickets are available at ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1497745.

The event will be held at the UNION nightclub on Friday, August 4th from 9pm-2am.

Additional information about the event can be found in the press release or by visiting the official website for the event.

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