Last Chance to Help Fund “The Incredible Untold Story of Sailor Moon”

Since my last post about Theodore Jefferson’s upcoming book about Sailor Moon, I was able to reach him via email to get a few more details. We’re also planning an interview after his campaign closes, so any questions you still have about The Incredible Untold Story of Sailor Moon can be sent in and we will include them in our interview!

For those of you wondering how this will differ from Roland Parliament’s Sailor Moon Reflections, here’s what Theodore has to say about the focus of his upcoming book:

My thesis is that were it not for Sailor Moon, the entertainment market of the last 25 years would have been very different. I plan to interview many of the people involved in the show’s production, including Andy Heyward and Naoko Takeuchi (if possible). My book highlights DIC’s enormous risk in bringing Sailor Moon to the U.S. and how it paid off.

I want to trace the timeline of the show from the early 90s and the Golden Age through the early 2000s (silver age) up to the present day. My book is the story of how Sailor Moon influenced animation, games and comics, and what the show meant to American culture and how American fans influenced the Japanese version.

In short, Theodore’s book will focus more on Sailor Moon‘s influence on modern pop-culture and the entertainment industry, whereas Roland’s books focuses on how the voice cast and dubbing staff brought life to the characters as well as how the English dub was produced. There are definitely aspects in both books that will appeal to fans, so we recommend checking them out to see if they are of interest to you.

Theodore also sent me the link for his original Reddit thread, where he has added a draft of the first chapter.

And here is an audio clip of an excerpt of that prologue:

The Reddit thread also includes an extended chapter list:

  • C’est La Vie is Japanese for Superhero
  • Five is a Magic Number: Nakayoshi, TV Asahi and The Golden Age
  • The Fuse is Lit: Nine Hundred Million Reasons To Read Backwards
  • Never Running from a Real Fight: The Deal
  • Grain Futures Don’t Sell Action Figures: Syndication
  • Save Our Sailors: The Internet Wars
  • Clash of the Titans: Carl Icahn Defeats the Negaverse
  • The Lewis and Clark of Anime: How a Card Game Vanquished Denmark
  • This One Goes Out To All The Ladies: Toonami and The Silver Age
  • The Wait is Over: Sailor Moon Saves the World
  • Along Came a Spider: What a Difference Forty Years Makes
  • Honors and Privileges: Italian Sports Cars and a Plush Toy Cat
  • That’s Teamwork: My Little Incredibles
  • Avenged: The Senshi Initiative
  • Forty Billion Dollar Tiara: From Princess to Empress
  • The Undiscovered Country: The Queen has Returned
  • Bonus Chapters:
    • Naoko Takeuchi: The Rabbit on the Moon
    • Andy Heyward: The World of DIC
    • Al Kahn: Monster Man
    • Brad Bird: Mister Incredible
    • Lauren Faust: The Power of Friendship
    • The Original Japanese Voice Cast in their own words
    • The Original American Voice Cast in their own words
    • The Original American Musicians in their own words
    • The Live Action Television Cast in their own words

And here’s a list of some of the key people Theodore would like to interview:

  • Naoko Takeuchi – Creator of Sailor Moon
  • Andy Heyward – CEO of DIC Entertainment
  • Haim Saban – CEO of Saban Entertainment, bid for the Sailor Moon license in the mid-90s
  • Sawai Miyuu – Actress who portrayed Sailor Moon in the live action series
  • Mitsuishi Kotono – Voice Actress for Usagi Tsukino in both anime series
  • Ryan Gagerman – Licensing Executive at DIC Entertainment
  • Keiko Kitagawa – Actress who portrayed Sailor Mars in the live action series
  • Paolo Casarini – Head of Backstage Licensing, Italian licensee for the original anime series
  • Kenji Ebato – U.S. Executive at Toei Animation
  • Al Kahn – CEO of 4Kids Entertainment (now 4Licensing Corporation), licensee of the Pokemon franchise
  • George Irwin – owner of Irwin Toy
  • Mark C. Mackinnon – founder of Guardians of Order (which had a successful Sailor Moon RPG game)

Canadian fans may also be interested to hear that there will be inclusion of some details about the history of the original syndication deal with YTV.

If you are interested in contributing to the crowdfunding campaign, you can do so at Theodore’s official fundraising campaign page.When there are 100 funders (only one more to reach that goal!), everyone gets a bonus perk and if $4000 is raised, there will be an audiobook version. The campaign is currently sitting at $3596. You can contribute as little as $5 to get your name included in the book as a thank you for your contribution.

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