Kunihiko Ikuhara and Other Japanese Pop Culture Scholars to Lecture in China!

Breaking yesterday on AnimeAnime.jp was a press release from Meiji University. Beginning on May 31st at China’s Peking University, a new course called “Advanced Course in Japanese Manga Culture” will be offered. This course will teach students about many aspects of Japanese pop culture, and will feature lectures from people involved in the study of Japanese pop culture. To kick things off will be a lecture about the history of anime, presented by none other than Kunihiko “Ikuni” Ikuhara (Series Director). Throughout the years, Ikuni has participated in panels and lectures on the subject. Other lecturers who will be teaching the course will include two Professors from Meiji University, Kaichirou Morikawa (Associate Professor specializing in Otaku Culture) and Yukari Fujimoto (Associate Professor specializing in Manga Culture). Both of these professors have published many scholarly articles about anime and manga cultures! Don’t we all wish we could go to this classroom? If any of our Chinese readers are planning to attend this course, we’d love to hear about this course!

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