Korean Actress Dons Sailor Moon Cosplay for Drama!

Note: This article had incorrect information in it’s former incarnation (our source was wrong). Now it is fixed and the old article has been removed.

Popular Korean actress Goo Hye-Sun dressed up like Sailor Moon to shoot some scenes for the upcoming drama The Musical to be broadcast on KBS. Hye-Sun plays a medical student who dreams of being a musical actor (and has failed 80 different auditions). Fans may know of Hye-Sun from her work in two Korean live-action adaptations of Japanese franchises: the very popular Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers) as Geum Jan Di, and from the upcoming Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) as Riiko Izawa. In a sailor suit and a long blonde wig, she waved her wand through a busy area of Seoul as they filmed. Her costume seemed ridiculous, but Hye Sun didn’t seem fazed by it and was cheerful and happy the whole time!

Netizens took photos and remarked that she looked like manhwa (Korean word for manga) had come to life, and that in a sailor suit they thought she looked pretty and cute. Some were really impressed by her transformation, while others mused “if only she really existed!” We think every Sailor Moon fan in their heart secretly wishes she did, too. Comedienne and Co-Star Park Hyung Lim also showed up and was full of envy when she said that Sailor Moon had been rediscovered!

Fans can check out some of the photos taken below, and a video on Pandora (when it wants to work, it wasn’t doing anything for us for over an hour).

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