Kodansha Results Report Finally Done!

Here you go Moonies! This is what will be arriving to Kodansha in approximately a week from tomorrow. I’ll be waking up bright and early tomorrow morning and paying a visit to Purolator to get this binder going. This report is approximately 50 pages, only about a quarter as big as the reports we sent to FUNImation and Toei. 14 of these pages are just filled with your comments! Give us a couple weeks and the manga results will be posted alongside the other charts and results we posted earlier. We think you will all be pleased with how the fans voted. Once again special thanks to the fans for all of their patience throughout this campaign – you all deserve to celebrate tomorrow as a major part of Operation Moonrise is finally finished! Big thanks to each member of the Moon Chase staff too for all the help and support to put this together! And a very special thank you to my classmates and professor from last night. I am fortunate enough to take a class where we look at certain futuristic themes in anime. Yesterday I bought my Sailor Moon anime cel to class so the class could see what a real cel looked like, and appreciate the work that’s put into bringing these cels to life on screen. As soon as I mentioned that it was from Sailor Moon, everyone instantly recognized the series warmly, and it seemed everyone had fond memories of the series to chat about as the cel got passed around. This was a pleasant surprise and it gave me a much needed motivational kick to finish this report after a very busy two weeks! I can’t describe the happy feeling I felt when everyone recognized the series and spoke about it, but I one day hope that all Sailor Moon fans will be able to enjoy the series again and relive fond memories once again. I just thought I’d share this story to hopefully make some of you smile :).

I did speak to a representative from Kodansha this morning and they are aware of the resurgence of Sailor Moon. They are looking forward to reading this report! All of us wish this purple binder the best of success in bringing back the Sailor Moon manga!

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  1. esahC Says:

    Well, for a job well done, you deserve a pat on the back.

    *pats back*

  2. sailordees Says:

    Thanks – it's a relief to know that the first 3 phases of Operation Moonrise are now taken care of completely 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I personally don't think this site should be trying to represent the US Sailor Moon fanbase as a whole. I believe you guys are going to ruin it and get us another crap dub. Not trying to be mean. Just stating my opinion.

  4. sailordees Says:

    To the anonymous fan: the campaign represents those markets who got the English language version – not just US fans, but Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as those fans who want to watch the show in English.

    Very little of the report is our opinion – our staff's opinions are put in in the same place with the rest of the fans'. Our reports have only consisted of the history of Sailor Moon in the above mentioned countries and how mismanagement decisions have affected the fans.

    If you have read any of our Operation Moonrise posts, you'll see that over 1300 fans submitted responses. There are a wide variety of opinions, so please stop calling anything a "crap dub". Please remember that over 80% of the respondents voted for the old cast back. If you have an issue with this, we're sorry, but every fan had an equal opportunity to answer this survey, and we didn't influence them one way or another. It really hurts when you say that we are going to ruin this, especially on a post about the manga, not the anime. I think we can share with you safely that the majority of fans did not vote for a reprint of the Tokyopop translation.

    So please, before you post something like this, READ the rest of the site. Our staff isn't weighing our opinions any more than the rest of the fans' opinions about future releases of Sailor Moon.

  5. anime manga fan Says:

    yayayayayayayayay xD
    i'mmm… sooo… HAAAAPPYYYYY!!!!!
    xD xD xD xD

  6. anime manga fan Says:

    hey! pepsi has a site called refresheverything.com where people post ideas, and their ideas get voted! by the looks of it, it looks like ideas about world problems (global warming, starvation, animals…). But sailor moon re-licensing is a problem too! maybe if enough people post "bring sailormoon back" or "help funimation/tokyopop liscence sailor moon!", then maybe more support will come along. after march 1, because thats when a new cycle of ideas start. i dunno if it will work… i hope it does!

    btw, hows the purple binder doing? any results yet? (sorry i'm very anxious about the manga ^_^)

  7. sailordees Says:

    I don't think asking Pepsi for help in Sailor Moon would help out much?! But that's still a creative idea!

    As far as the purple binder goes, the courier messed up big time. It was supposed to get there last Wednesday, but for some unknown reason it was stuck in my city until tuesday (and I had sent it out on thursday with the promise it would get there on Wed.). This didn't happen with the last reports – they had made it to the US depot by the weekend! I wonder if it's the Olympics' fault things are being backed up. The tracker tells me that the package finally got to the Manhattan depot yesterday so fingers crossed it will be delivered tomorrow. I wish I had better news!

  8. Kara-Elizabeth Says:

    I was overjoyed to see this site. I have been a fan of Sailormoon/Sailor Moon since I was in middle-school. From watching the show on Cartoon Network to buying the DVDs of Season 1 and 2 uncut.
    This show and manga have defined a big part of my childhood. I was heartbroken to see the manga no longer being published – until I came here. Had I known of this campaign sooner I would have done my all to help.

    I sincerely thank everyone involved. You're wonderful. I really hope we can regain this beautiful work for future English speaking audiences.

  9. sailordees Says:

    It's still going! We still have a letter writing campaign going and this is the best that the fans can do right now. On the forums tonight I will post an address to Kodansha since as of this morning the report has finally gotten to them! Don't worry, just because we don't have a survey going doesn't mean the campaign is over :).

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i say they should bring the show back to U.S America never finsihes what they start or anything i just want to see the anime that got me into anime in the 1st place on TV and feel like i got something good to watch again Bleach and Naruto are getting to easy to predict the sailor moon fanbase would sing dance and jump with joy if they saw it on tv again!

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