Kirsten Dunst Resembles Sailor Moon for New Music Video

Kirsten Dunst was spotted in Tokyo yesterday wearing an outfit that would only blend in with the trends in Akihabara! Terminator: Salvation director McG was shooting some sort of music video (to be screened at an exhibition later in London) in Japan. Her costume has been dubbed a “whopping cosplay”. According to, the knee socks under her colorful uniform reminded people of Sailor Moon, but then the writer wondered if she knew how badly every piece of her outfit clashed, and if she knew that Akihabara fashion had a bit more refined taste than what she was wearing. And we have to wonder that too! She reminds us of a whacked-out version of Bulma from Dragon Ball. Kirsten was one of the first celebrities to admit that she was a fan of Sailor Moon, going way back to 1997, when lucky fan Priscilla “Usagi” Silguero sent in a sighting to SOS , where she spotted some Sailor Moon decor in her bedroom. Turn to page 100 in the PDF of the issue of People! In 2002, she made mention of her love for Sailor Moon, as well as her wish to make a live action version of it too! Kirsten, if you are this big a fan, and you were really trying to emulate a version of Sailor Moon like several outlets are reporting, was there really no way for you to tell McG or the wardrobe people that what you were wearing was just plain tacky? Nonetheless, it’s nice to see Kirsten having a little fun with this atrocious combination of clothing. Fans can check out some more pictures here, and we have another blog link from Moon Chase fan, Misa! If you want to attempt this costume, click here for some hints.

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2 Responses to “Kirsten Dunst Resembles Sailor Moon for New Music Video”

  1. Bibi Says:

    I think is big betwhin Jem and Sailor Moon, they put it in a shacker (you know… for drink) and this is what they have create… it's Sailor Jem 😛 !!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome to "the point" which I feel nearly everyone who watched this video has missed.

    She's not supposed to look anything other than tacky.

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