Kazuko Tadano Talks Anime and Draws Sailor Moon at JAM 2009!

We have a third person to add to the list of VIPs who drew Sailor Moon recently in Japan! The first was Naoko Takeuchi, the second was Kimiharu Obata, and now, Sailor Moon Character Designer Kazuko Tadano (2nd from left)! We mentioned not too long ago that Kazuko would be attending JAM 2009 and appearing as part of a special panel devoted to 40 years of anime. Four other animators from different “generations” of anime were going to speak about the form and how they got into it, and how it has changed. They also shared their secrets on creating characters who demonstrate the theme of the anime. Kazuko had a neat tidbit to say about her time on Sailor Moon! Did you know that her designs for the Senshi had to go through a special, secret, “audition”? She remembers she had to fax in her drawings from a convenience store because faxes were not widespread in those days! This one, single, audition turned her life around, she said. Kazuko also felt that because she was drawing Sailor Moon live, there was increased pressure on her to draw her perfectly, making sure that her lines did not stray away from where they should be!

We really wish that there was more from Kazuko Tadano, and if another news report comes our way we will definitely share the details with you! For now though, here is her drawing-in-progress of Sailor Moon! We also found a larger version of the completed picture, as well as animator Atsuko Watanabe holding it proudly (we think it was a gift from Kazuko)! Atsuko was said to have been very happy to have the chance to see Kazuko draw Sailor Moon! Kazuko is also teaching special classes through Tokyo Design Academy.

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  1. Xahlianne Says:

    Her art feels different though. Is it me or it looks like moe? It sure is beautiful, but I believe it's very different from her original art… Maybe if Sailor Moon was a new anime it was going to look like this! ^^ I can't blame her after all, it's been many years since she last drew Sailor Moon, around 16-17 years… I'm really curious how Ikuko Ito and Katsumi Tamegai would draw it after so much time has passed. Undoubtedly I love the older art better. 😀

  2. faza Says:


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