Junichi Sato Didn’t Talk About Sailor Moon :(

We were unable to get our own copy of the Anime Giga episode we told you all about last night. But we were able to watch it thanks to the user Iris4d so we bit the bullet and watched it using Veoh’s horrible TV client. There was one small mention of Sailor Moon in the beginning when they were introducing his creds, but other than that it seemed like they talked about every anime that he had ever worked on except for Sailor Moon. The series was huge in Japan and did influence a lot of series after it and we really questioned this decision. They profiled anime that he has worked on such as Sargent Keroro, Ojamajo Doremi, and Kaleido Star, and he cooked for the hosts of the show. If you want to watch it , click here. Unfortunately Veoh has imposed a five minute limit on their streamed videos, but if you want to watch it all you’re pretty much forced to download the client. We really don’t recommend fans go to such lengths to watch this unless they are hardcore Junichi Sato fans. While it was good to hear his thoughts on his works of paths, we honestly thought the show could have been a lot better.

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  1. Cycyn Says:

    I think people in Japan feel like Sailor Moon is old news. Some are even ashamed to admit they ever watched. I don’t know why he wouldn’t talk about it, specially since it must have been a huge part of his life, but I don’t really care, personally I’m more a fan of S and SuperS.


  2. sailordees Says:

    Oddly enough, the news stories that I had read that were promoting the interview mentioned that and his work on the new Evangelion movie than some of the other series that were mentioned on the interview. They made it sound like he was a huge influence, especially on animation that was geared towards children. So I (and probably a lot of people) sort of expected him to talk about his work on the series, and were dismayed when he didn’t :(.

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