John Stocker Interview Deadline Extended

Hey Moonies – we announced previously  that we have an exclusive opportunity to interview John Stocker (Director of the English dub of all 3 movies, and S and SuperS seasons).  Unfortunately, our staff has run behind and we need more time to prepare for this, therefore we are going to submit our questions sometime in January.  This works to your advantage because…we’re giving you until December 21st @ 12 AM CST to get your questions in!  Remember, two questions per fan, and we will only take questions via email  at (please put John Stocker somewhere in the subject line), on our forums, or as comments on this blog post.  It is much too difficult to keep up with facebook threads, so please do not submit your questions through there.  Also, please try not to ask questions that everyone typically asks (such as, will you return to Sailor Stars if it is dubbed?).  If you are confused about this, feel free to go through our past interviews and spot all the common questions with multiple askers.

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  1. Fulgore2005 Says:

    Besides Grandpa Hino in the S Season, did Stocker voiced any other characters from Sailor Moon? I’m curious because Wikipedia’s Dead Moon Circus article credits him for voicing Biribiri and Mr. Magic Pierrot.

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