Japanese Rockstar Writes Sentiments on Hunter X Hunter Hiatus

For once, we don’t begin a post about Yoshihiro Togashi using that ridiculous picture we have of him! In the news today in Japan, was a blog of note from Eiji Wentz (pictured), who has seemingly joined the myriads of other bloggers who have an opinion about the recent Hunter X Hunter hiatus. Eiji is one-half of Indie J-Rock Guitar Duo WaT. Titled Lost, he writes:

I wasn’t sure if I should write this or not.

Because I don’t understand the whole story.

Hard to understand the story from the comics.
Hunter X Hunter.
Do you know of it?

I think it is an interesting one in the world of comics.
It was not published when I went to France.
It has not been released in a book form, Weekly Shonen Jump to read every day.
(We think he means that he wants to see the new chapters in a book and read it day after day).

The next part is a little difficult to translate. We think he’s trying to say something to the effect of that while he really loved reading the new chapters, he felt sorry for the “blood shed” or effort that the author had to probably put in to get these chapters done. He feels bad for having to write this, as well as for Yoshihiro Togashi.

He ends with “However, this one is my favorite”.

Eventually, this series has to end and the plots need resolution. We’re reading reports now that Jump magazine had planned it this way, for new chapters to only be released for 10 weeks. And looking at how much interest and hype there was upon the return, we would not be surprised if the editors tried to pull another stunt and extend the “hiatus” for a lengthy period of time. Either way, the fans of this manga have been through too much. We personally think it would be a lot easier if Yoshihiro could work for a few months to finish this story and then take a hiatus for however long he wants – just get this manga finished already!

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