Japanese Commercials #2!

Hey Moonies! This time we’ve got 10 commercials courtesy of TV-CM.net . Without further ado…

First we begin with a sighting! Keiko Kitagawa (PGSM Sailor Mars) takes time out of her University studies (she’s a commerce major!) to film this commercial for Suntory Let’s Diet Water . We don’t know what’s in it but we’ve read the dumbell shape is to help encourage exercise and Keiko leads a few of them on the website!

Boa’s Sweet Impact?! This commercial reminds us of a now crazed popstar who shall remain nameless!

A Japanese-Indian Mastercard crossover. Is there anything they won’t think of for their Priceless campaign?

Coca-Cola in Japan has a new brand of Mineral Water and Carbonated Mineral Waters available under the Minaqua brand name, and this is a classy commercial!

Ajinomoto/Knorr of Japan has some sort of instant noodle soup/ramen product that got these ladies singing!

Nissin of Japan also has an instant spaghetti product SpaO which appears to be the only reason this woman got out of bed! The song in the background reminds us of Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend.

This is a very heartwarming commercial for Tokyo’s Metropolitan Subway System!

A Pocky Dance! We won’t be surprised if moves from this show up during a cosplay contest at an anime con!

Wonda’s Morning Shot is a canned coffee drink that is apparently so powerful it distracted these two enough to make them miss their morning bus!

And last but not least, Moon Chase! favourite Ayumi Hamasaki has a commercial for Weider multivitamin In-Jelly! Ayu doesn’t like her vegetables and isn’t getting her required vitamins in her diet! But never fear, she can’t split them apart when they are in jelly form!

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