Japan Shopping Services for Crystal Brooch Compact

Hi Moonies: I wrote to two Japan shopping services last night and heard back from both this morning (both sites claim they can order anything from anywhere, but I had wanted to make sure before I posted on this site).  For those of you who are wanting to order the Crystal Brooch Compact, you have two choices (and fans, if you know of any others, please let us know via email).  One is Rinkya.com and the other is From Japan to You.  I have no idea what using any of these services is like, but I am more inclined to try From Japan since Rinkya wants you to scan your credit card and government-issued ID, and charges a little more in handling fees.  If any fans have used any of these services and would like to let us know of their experience, please post a comment here as I am sure many other fans would like to purchase this product!

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