Italian Manga Soon to be a Reality, and More News From Italy!

This post is going to be a catchup on some new and old news that we didn’t get a chance to cover in July because of Sailordees’ absence. I can’t tell you why she was AWOL over the summer, but I can tell you that she wanted to blog but there just weren’t enough hours in a day (and she’s the authority on where to hunt down all the press releases). And that doesn’t even cover my own busy schedule both then and now. Don’t worry, we’re working on getting back on track!

The exciting news for Italian Sailor Moon fans has finally arrived! GP Publishing has announced that their Italian edition of the Sailor Moon manga will be released in both newsstand and deluxe comic editions starting November 4th! (For more info on the differences between the two editions, see here.)

A price estimate has also been released, putting the newsstand edition at €4.50 (~$6.00 US) and the comic edition at €5.90 (~$8.00 US) (both prices at the exchange rate current as of the date of this post). And as the final icing on the cake, a preliminary version of the cover art has also been released!

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The broadcast of Sailor Moon on Hiro finally ended last week and while there have been rumors of a DVD release going around, there is no official press release as of this writing, so we can’t say anything for sure. However, the series has begun broadcasting on Italia 1 as of August 23rd, so fans can still catch it there!

Unfortunately, while the video censorship was removed and there was some minor redubbing done to fill in scenes, the missing recap/preview episode from the end of the R season was not redubbed. We had hoped this episode would have been restored with the rest of the series on tv, but we can still hope for a subtitled version of this episode in a future DVD release.

In other product news, there is at least a partial list of merchandise and the companies that will be producing them. They will start becoming available come November and December of 2010, and possibly the biggest highlight is a brand new game for the Nintendo DS from Namco-Bandai! We will keep you updated (we were unable to find sites for a few of these manufacturers)!

Giochi Preziosi: Toys including fashion dolls, accessories, costumes, and outdoor toys.
Bandai: Mini-dolls, micro-dolls, and stuffed toys (plushies).
Namco Bandai Games Europe: Videogame for Nintendo DS.
Adriatic Group: Beach Toys, and Novelties/Gifts.
MondialMix: Giftware such as accessories, photos, posters, and wall scrolls.
PlayMagic: Magic Tricks
Auguri Preziosi: Gift Items, Back-to-School items (starting January 2011).
Topps: stickers and sticker albums
Preziosi Collection: 3D items, Magazines
Image: Magnets and Charms
Italian Brands: Outerwear
Lion Italia: pyjamas and other nightclothes, swimwear and underwear
Easy Shoes: Shoes
Salati Preziosi: Chips
Dolci Preziosi: Easter Eggs and Cream-filled Eggs.
Joygum: Bubblegum

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