Italian Fans, Mark Your Calendars for March 1st!

Today, Moon Chase came across a very intriguing story posted today by an Italian group organizing a Sailor Moon petition A few news outlets in Italy are buzzing with the news of Sailor Moon’s TV premiere date today! The show will return on March 1st on Mediaset Premium’s Hiro Channel (earlier than what Toei wrote in their press release) but as of this writing we don’t have a timeslot to share. There will be more to hear about this from HIRO later – this seems to be the only statement about Sailor Moon in their February release, and they announced a few other February highlights. Another blog that wrote of this news today also made special mention of a fan campaign in Italy for an uncensored DVD release, a re-release of the manga, and an Italian doujinshi project. We are keeping an eye on news coming out of Italy, and we will let you know the moment we learn of a time slot! Special thanks to Light for sending in this story!

2 Responses to “Italian Fans, Mark Your Calendars for March 1st!”

  1. Light Says:

    Hello guys, Sailor Moon already has a timeslot, it will be broadcasted everyday, two times a day, at 5:35 pm and 9:30 pm. =)

  2. Christina Says:

    Aw, darn, I'm going to Italy during my February vacation. 🙁 Guess I have to return in March! 😉

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