Is Sailor Moon not Newsworthy?

Hi Moonies.

We’d first of all like to extend a huge thank you to all of the sites which have linked us in the last little while. You have helped us get the word out about recent groundbreaking happenings with Sailor Moon, and we appreciate it. There are too many fansites to name – but if you have linked us (we can’t keep track of you all!) please send us a link to your site and we will add you to our links sidebar.

Moon Chase was also linked and mentioned in a few higher up places. First and foremost, one of our favorite gaming blogs, Kotaku, linked us not only in English, but also in Japanese (marking the first time we’ve ever been cited on a major Japanese page!). Thank you Brian Ashcraft, you are one of our favorite editors on Kotaku and we are honored to have been linked in your posts (even though it was for such a sad news story). And secondly (and more recently), Scott Green of Ain’t It Cool News helped bring word of the comeback out to his column. Scott, thank you for your encouragement and we will continue to try to do our best, and we look forward to working with you again in the near future! Thanks for linking us on your column and helping bring word of this, and for posting other issues involving the lockdown in the past, on AICN. Slowly, we are waking up the Sailor Moon fandom from hibernation, and every little bit helps!

However, there is one site which refused to mention the comeback. Below, you will read their reasons why, followed by our comments.

This email was sent to us last week and is presented in its entirety (sans the email headers).


We only post what we feel will be newsworthy, important, and/or interesting to our readers. A re-airing of an old-show (no matter how popular), with no new material at all, is not very newsworthy in our opinion. Perhaps with unlimited resources we would cover material like
this, but as it stands now, we prefer to focus our resources on more notable stories.

Obviously, if there is ever new Sailor Moon material, it would be considered of the utmost importance by our news staff.

Best regards,

Christopher Macdonald
Editor in Chief
Anime News Network

We are extremely disappointed and sorry to see that Anime News Network, one of the English internet’s most-trusted websites for anime news, does not regard this as worthy of even a mention. None of us here at Moon Chase understand why they don’t see it as newsworthy, important, and interesting–we believe it to be a long-awaited announcement that many fans would be thrilled to hear. However, our staff will not continue to pressure Anime News Network to publish a story, even though we know it to be their loss. We always encourage our readers to write in tips to us regarding anything related to Sailor Moon. Perhaps our deepest disappointment is that they do not see that a licensing release like this could be paving the way for brand-new material–maybe even a release of the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon or a retranslation of the updated manga! Or at the very least, attempt to give the series a second chance with much better management to achieve all of the potential it never could the first time around. Despite this strange behavior by ANN, we at Moon Chase will continue to bring our readers news of Sailor Moon whenever and wherever it happens!

8 Responses to “Is Sailor Moon not Newsworthy?”

  1. ~CyCyN~ Says:

    It is sad that they don't consider it that important, but what's even weirder is that they have time to answer back instead of just posting a small entry that could help out or at least put some extra eyes on SM and -HELLO!!- their site. (I NEVER check ANN BECAUSE they don't talk about SM)

    Hopefully, it'll come back and bite them someday. I think they underestimate SM, they think it's dated but we've seen firsthand the POWER it still has, even in the subconscious minds of the average Joe (if someone dresses in a uniform and pigtails, they always relate it to SM), but we just have to keep doing what we do best: LOVE SAILOR MOON and stand behind her no matter what!

  2. sailordees Says:

    Hey CyCyn:

    I find it very strange of them that while they won't post actual news pertaining to Sailor Moon, very recently, they mentioned a fanartist was into Sailor Moon and that another person scored some rare Sailor Moon DVDs for a cheap price. How is that news but not this?

  3. esahC Says:

    Well, I hate to be one of those pessimist people, but I can't help but agree with ANN on this. I mean, it's great that all of this news brought to us have come to surface (even I think ANN at least should mention something you guys did), but, I dunno, the show airing at two other counties, doing a fan letter campaign, and all of this stuff you guys keep mentioning isn't really going to help the show in the long run. From a fan's point of view, you guys are doing a great job, but from a business's point of view, you're wasting your time (no offense).

    I mean, Futurama and Family Guy didn't came back becuase it was demanded by fan letters, but becuase of rating and DVD sales they had. No money, no interest. Like I said to Brad from moon kitty one time, getting the show back isn't going to be a one-two-three snap thing you know…

  4. esahC Says:

    But that's just my two cents (sorry for the confusion, had to get that out). As for ANN, eh, they should just mention it and keep going with their lives. It ain't that hard. Besides, wouldn't the posters over there would go nuts if they announce it?

  5. Anatole Says:

    Yes, Sailor Moon is an old series, but so what? It was still groundbreaking, and introduced America to anime. Not to mention what it did for girl's television.
    Look back at the 90's, and tell me what you see: TMNT, old cartoons like the jetsons, and other shows that were primarily focused on boys.
    Sailor Moon not only was one of the best series to ever be made (horrible English dub or not), but also was a pioneer in television, and — dare I say it — girl's/women's rights.
    That may be a bit drastic to say, but you get my point.

  6. ochibawolf Says:

    I think that's terrible what they wrote. It doesn't matter how old the show is, it's popularity and BSSM was popular WORLDWIDE. With a re-release of the series could prove them wrong and I hope they get slap in the face for it.

    Heck, even Astro Boy is getting a new movie. And we all know how old he is 😉

  7. Miss Ami Mizuno Says:

    Oh that is sad…well, that's ok. I think one day they'll wake up and realize that the fanbase is something they can't stop and they'll need to start doing something about it. I am hopeful ^^

  8. A. Says:

    Simply put, Anime News Network has managed to bit itself in the ass.

    The reason why DVD sales of Sailormoon are so low at this point? Because it's out of print and a legit box set DVD is insanely, grabasstically EXPENSIVE.

    While there are many other animes that have played a part in making anime popular, none of them have had the international success of Sailormoon, which grossed over a BILLION (with a B) dollars in merchandise sales during its first three years of airing in Japan.

    No other anime has done this. Not even Naruto.

    Because of that alone, Sailormoon is deserved more respect than it gets, even if it doesn't contain enough guns, gore and panty shots for half of them over there.

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