In Solidarity

We here at Moon Chase! are joining all of the other bloggers in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America. Writers are the unsung heroes behind the shows and movies that we all enjoy. But rarely do you ever get to know who they are, aside from a passing name on the screen. Sure you see the stars playing your favorite characters but you never see who made them that way. They are an essential and crucial part to making these forms of media work and with the advent of new media delivery such as paid downloads on iTunes or free broadcasts by the networks, we are sad to see that they are not being compensated for it. We believe that since the writers are responsible for such a paramount part of a work, that they should be compensated for their work in all forms that they are released in. We’ve had similar incidents since this site opened where other sites have taken our work and posted it without giving credit. The sad part is we spent HOURS researching those articles and it’s not fair to us when another site copies and pastes our stuff over and we never see those people reading where the article originally came from. Likewise when a movie is released on DVD, producers and casts probably see a lot more of those profits than the writers do. We understand their troubles wholeheartedly and though production on many shows has been halted for the timebeing, we hope that there is an amicable resolution that is fair to the WGA. Without the writers, we would not have the movies and shows that we all love today. For those looking for more information on what is going on inside the strike lines, you should check out United Hollywood for updates.

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