In response to the latest rumors

Hey Moonies, we’ve been hearing a lot of talk (as we always do) about the latest round of Sailor Moon licensing rumors.

The fact of the matter is, NO COMPANY HAS THE RIGHTS TO SAILOR MOON IN NORTH AMERICA AT THIS TIME. We want the show to come back as much as anyone else does, but starting rumors is not helping anyone. We have been told over and over again by reps from several different companies that rumors like this make it more difficult for everyone involved. The future of the series in North America is in the very early planning stages and while this is a potentially exciting time, fans need to be patient and wait for an official press release.

Just because one person says that they got a DMCA notice from FUNImation because of a couple of Sailor Moon related videos does NOT mean that FUNImation has the rights to the series. Do a quick search for Sailor Moon on youtube and you will find hundreds of thousands of videos. If those videos were disappearing en masse, then that would be something to talk about. A handful of videos out of dozens made by a single person is not news, it’s not a sign, it’s not even a rumor.

When there is news to report, there will be an official press release, and we (along with other members of the press) will be there to pass the official word onto the fans!

If you’re reading this and you run a Sailor Moon fansite, please do your part for the fandom and do not post unsubstantiated rumors. Doing so only hurts Sailor Moon. 🙁

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