Hello readers! I should really stop making announcements that I have time to write posts since that seems to jinx me the very next day… rest assured, I have this entire weekend free! So I’m going to work very hard to get as much done as I can for you all. I was worried that our readership would have slipped significantly during this hiatus, but thankfully it didn’t and (I probably don’t say this enough) thanks to you all for your support!

In the meantime though, if you haven’t checked out The Me’s post below about possibly one of the most hideous Sailor Sightings ever on TV, I highly recommend you do!
Some other posts from other places to keep you busy:
☀ Kotaku makes mentions of perks of upcoming Club Nintendo Memberships in North America, and really makes my day talking about G.i.r.l. !
☀ Recently, a really HQ trailer of the Live Action Dragon Ball Movie popped up on the internet. And, Piccolo reminds us a little bit of Darth Sidious. I’m not any more excited to see this movie after seeing this trailer, are you?
☀And I’ll end with a couple Sailor Moon tidbits for you all! ANN posted a review of a Sailor Moon Arcade game we bet only a few of you have ever heard of , and once again, it seems Sailor Moon has had a strange influence on fashion. This time, with designer Renata Morales, according to Mosha Lundström Halbert, a writer for the Varsity. Check out the pictures from her collection here!

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