Idol’s New Album Just For Mothers and Daughters!

Former Morning Musume member Nozomi Tsuji released her first solo album in Japan last week, geared especially towards mothers and daughters! Minna Happy! Mama no Uta (Everybody’s Happy! Mama’s Songs) is a cover album of anime theme songs from Nozomi’s childhood. Included on the album is (of course) the Sailor Moon theme song, as well as songs from My Neighbor Totoro, Chibi Maruko-Chan, and Anpanman. She has also released her own song on the album, “Chibi Devil” and fans can watch a music video for that here!

While this news may seem like small potatoes, we’re reporting this for the simple reason that we’re a little irked. There’s no Sailor Moon merchandise available in Japan except for the DVD boxsets and manga. When Sailor Moon’s resurgence began in Japan, the Japanese press release all stated that this was going to be a chance for mothers to enjoy this with a new generation of fans – their daughters. All there was to celebrate this resurgence was a cooking class and a DVD launch event reuniting the 5 main stars of the show. Nozomi Tsuji’s album with it’s brief hint of Sailor Moon seems to be the only other thing that mothers can do to enjoy the series with their daughters (aside from watching the episodes on DVD or on ANIMAX). But where are the dolls? Where are the costumes and clothes? Somehow, we think that this lack of merchandise means that the kids of this generation won’t be able to connect the same way that we did with the show, and that some of the experiences that the mothers probably want to share with their daughters related to Sailor Moon might be missed out on this time around.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Though certainly this may be small, it makes me happy when Sailor Moon and Morning Musume come together, and I'm glad Tsuji thought Sailor Moon was worth sharing with her daughter. 🙂 Tanaka Reina, a current member, also frequently mentions how Sailor Moon is her favorite manga/anime so I always hope they will do more that is Sailor Moon related.

  2. Ella Says:

    I love when various obsessions of mine come together! It's always so weird for me to think of Tsuji as a mother. She's only a couple years older than me ><

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