I return!

Hello Moonies! I am back after a road trip to Vancouver. Side Note: If you want to laugh at some almost passable-for-the-real-thing pirated Sailor Moon DVDs, there is an Asian Movie stand in the Metropolis Mall to go see. They had the Toei logo and everything but the trick in identifying that it was pirated was looking at the back cover at the language tracks, Chinese and English. I highly doubt there were any legit releases with those two languages together! On the way back, I noticed someone in a mall yesterday in Calgary with the neatest Sailor Moon mini-backpack/purse. If you are reading this, I thought it was really cool and I loved it! In any case, I am between moving and I will probably be fully settled next week. I will begin some updates today – warning, some of the news may be a little old and dated over the last two weeks but we will try to bring you everything we can! Again, thanks for your patience and special thanks to The Me for uploading the commercials!

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