Hunter X Hunter to Return & New Interview with Yoshihiro Togashi!

A rumor which had been floating around for a few weeks now was finally confirmed yesterday! Not long ago, we shared the news with you of the publishing of two new volumes, and we can now confirm that Hunter X Hunter will return from another long hiatus this August! New chapters from Yoshihiro Togashi will once again be published in Shueisha’s Jump Magazine in Japan. Though the length of the run has not been announced, we would not be surprised if it lasted for around 10 weeks, just like the others.

In other Togashi news, June’s Hetappi Manga Kenkyujo R includes a special feature from him about how storyboards are created. A teaser can be seen at Shonen Jump’s website.

Was that so bad Moonies? Sorry it’s been a dry week. I too want this Sailor Moon draught to end!

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