Hunter X Hunter on Hiatus Again!

We have some sad news for all you Hunter X Hunter fans. Over the weekend, an announcement appeared in Japan’s Jump Magazine on the table of contents page. It was written by Yoshihiro Togashi, and said the following:

The manga will return shortly.
I will be back as soon as I can.
Please hold on, all my best.

Of course, this was further reinforced from the irony of one character’s line, or specifically, the last line of the chapter published in this issue. Silva Zaoldyeck, better known as the father of Killua, the best friend of the main character Gon, said “I think our most important job is to wait”. Once again, no reason from Yoshihiro, or from the editors was given for this hiatus. Of course, all the news articles that we have read haven’t stopped speculating what might be going on. Some think it’s a ploy from Yoshihiro and the editors to grab attention to the manga, and noted how ecstatic and excited the general public was when the manga made it’s return last October. Others are speculating that his illness has returned -though none go far enough to say what it might be. But one of the most interesting facts to notice is what the editors are saying. Shueisha’s office of Public Relations released this comment:

The manga was initially going to return for only ten weeks.
Whether it will restart again has been undecided.

Some are speculating that the Editors knew Togashi was going to put the manga on hiatus after these ten weeks after reading this comment. If this is true, then the staff really needs to get their act together. It really doesn’t make sense to agree for ten chapters to get published, and then let it go on hiatus for who knows how long, and then agree to another limited run… on and on the cycle goes. Plots need to end, conflicts need resolution, and it shouldn’t take this long! None of our staff is particularly familiar with this title in particular, but from what we have read, once again the fans were left hanging when the story hit a cliffhanger. As anyone could predict, Japanese bloggers are extremely angered over this and are rampant with their rage. One of our favorite entries we read featured a rather hilarious avatar and the caption on this blog! It pretty much summed up the situation. We know we would be too if our favorite manga had been “resurrected” from the dead only to be here for barely a couple of months before it disappeared again. At the time of this writing, we have not seen if such a petition is around to find out what the holdup is again with this manga, but we will keep you posted on any further developments that we find.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    el un gran artista del manga, y creo que no a perdido su vida con estupideses de mejorar….

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