How to use the Atom Feed on this site!

Blogging has become the new trend in news delivery, and with this new trend comes new technology! Now you don’t have to visit this site every day to see if there is a new story – The Atom feed on Moon Chase is similar to having a special bookmark in your bookmarks list that can tell you if there’s been a new post or not!

For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with how it works on Blogger, we are providing a quick tutorial on how to use it. You can click on all the screenshots we have provided for a larger view.

If you are using a browser like Mozilla Firefox (which we recommend) in the address bar you will see an orange icon (that looks just like this: , which we have drawn an arrow pointing to . You will then be taken to the feeds page, and it appears to be a sort of “lite” version of this site. At the top though, there is a pulldown menu in a pale yellow box. We suggest that if you are not familiar with the other readers in the pulldown list, you are best off choosing Live Bookmarks. Then click subscribe now, and you should get a pop up asking where you want to save this bookmark, so choose the place you would like to save it.

Now comes the neat part! Under your bookmarks, look to where you saved it, and voila, Moon Chase! appears with that orange icon next to it! And if you click on it, you’ll see another pulldown appear next to it, and see the headlines of all the stories on the page. This bookmark updates automatically, so all you have to do is look at the bookmark to see if there is a new story!

If your browser does not show that orange icon in the address bar, you can go to the bottom of the blog main page and click on the text that says “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” and it will take you to the
feeds page.

There are programs out there that can alert a user when the page is updated, however we haven’t had very much experience with them! Any fans wishing to jump in and lend their expertise on these other programs are more than welcome to comment!

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