Hey Readers – regular updates should resume soon, expect a huge commercials bonanza by the end of the week. Sailor Moon news has been pretty dry this week, there’s a story in Japan about an IT blogger who commented on a new library site for lazy readers. It only features books that are up to 200 pages long. He noted that Sailor Moon shows up at the top when you search for manga. There are only a few more days to get your votes in over there –> so if you have an opinion on whether or not this site should have forums, please vote!

Secondly (a more formal announcement will be made soon), we are looking for one or two more staff writers. Fluency in Japanese is not required but recommended – there’s no pay involve but if you are looking to pursue a career in journalism or writing of any sort, freelance journalism is an excellent place to start! Contact us at if you are interested!

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