Holy Moon Craters, Pretty Cure Starts on YTV Today!

… And I’m watching it right now – it’s always a bad sign when you think you’re too late to notice these things! I was going through my onscreen guide to get to the weather channel and noticed it, and coincidentally I was planning to write up something on Pretty Cure’s success in comparison to Sailor Moon this weekend. The series has a 6th season in the works and most news articles are pointing out the fact that it is as successful (if not more?) than Sailor Moon. Turns out today was, in fact, the North American Television Premiere! Don’t worry, it will re-air in a few hours on YTV! So far I’m impressed (though I missed the first ten minutes), and there are a lot of similarities to Sailor Moon! Oh wow, episode previews – guess they had to make the episode longer somehow (who here remembers Sailor Says?). . . Anyway, I think Canadian fans should give this series a chance – it’s a Toei Series and they are going through Ocean Studios over Optimum Productions, and it’s also a magical girl series. If we keep up the ratings, hopefully that will give Toei some faith that there’s still a market for magical girl anime on TV.

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  1. Emily Says:

    It’s not dubbed by Ocean Studios, it’s dubbed by Blue Water Studios in Calgary.

    Showtimes are on the YTV site: http://www.ytv.com/programming/shows/pretty_cure/

    An an unrelated note, Sarah Lafleur is still on Ugly Betty (10 episodes and counting). It looks like her character may be around for a while longer 🙂

  2. sailordees Says:

    Hi Emily! Thanks for the PC dub info – my DTVR messed up and missed the first 10 minutes of the show so I am hoping to catch it tomorrow morning. The story on Ugly Betty is coming! I’m saving my longer articles for next week when I will have a little more time for them and this weekend is our second anniversary and we have to get planning on a belated present to you fans!

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