Hollywood Sailor Sightings!

Penelope Cruz Bears Striking Resemblance to… Sailor Pluto?!

Pedro Almodovar’s Los Abrazos Rotos (or better known in English as Broken Embraces) is making waves around the world, and just recently closed the New York Film Festival. An Italian fan named Federica Bernasconi was reading the November issue of Ciak, and noticed something familiar in a still from the film. More specifically, the dress that the film’s star, Penelope Cruz is wearing. Sailor Pluto fans might recognize the dress too! The Guardian of Time was drawn wearing a dress that seems to have been re-created in this film almost perfectly! All Penelope is missing are those crystal earrings, and that champagne flute for an extra touch of class! One article had the nerve to say that “Cosplay Mania” is starting to infect the cinema! All fearful symmetry aside, there’s another facet to this interesting choice of costume; it is rumored that costume designer Sonia Grande may be a fan of Sailor Moon. Was this a coincidence or could this have been planned?

Often Imitated, But Never Quite Duplicated!

These next two sightings are somehow assumed to look like Sailor Moon… but, we have to disagree. The first one comes from Project Runway. In this season’s 10th episode, Michael Kors came to the remaining designers with his “inspiraton challenge”. Designers had to pick a location and use it as inspiration for their outfit. Designer Logan Neitzel picked Hollywood, and didn’t quite design anything great. What we can’t understand is how this blogger with the Daily Loaf thinks that the outfit resembled Sailor Moon. Seriously? When was the last time Sailor Moon wore something that tacky? Asian Model + sailor-type ropey neckline + suspenders ≠ Sailor Moon.The second one comes from the hit FOX TV show, Glee. Never seen this show, but it seems that one character’s cute outfit was reminiscent of Sailor Moon. In the 5th episode The Rhodes Not Taken, Rachel was spotted during the bowling scene by this blogger wearing a shirt that had a half-blue, half-red, collar and scarf painted directly on it, and a short blue skirt. She tries more to look something like Minako in her school uniform, but we’re not diggin’ the red and blue split sides too much. That skirt’s a little too bright to be considered Sailor Moon fare too. But, if she was trying to pull off the Sailor Moon schoolgirl look, we think she deserves an E for effort. Next time, try wearing something with a real collar??

9 Responses to “Hollywood Sailor Sightings!”

  1. KinomiyaMichiru Says:

    Love the one of Penelope/Pluto.
    That's too close to perfection to be a coincidence.

  2. Jim! Says:

    Ah!! Qué fuerte, es igual!! When I watch Los abrazos rotos, I did not realize!

  3. Moon Chase Says:

    Jim, you have seen it? Please tell us what this scene she is wearing the dress in is about!

  4. Avane Says:

    I always loved that image of pluto, It's so cool to see the dress translated like that.

    I wonder if the costume designer got it from the art book or if it was something Naoko found elsewhere and drew(like her art deco lamp being the basis for the snow queen in the S movie)

  5. Chrysolith Says:

    The Penelope Cruz/Setsuna picture may be explained by this comparison (Note: I did not make the original find/post):


    It seems Naoko used it as an inspiration for her drawing.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the correction! And I agree with you; that is a horrible outfit on her.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Yes it's true Naoko got the dress from a picture of Naomi Cambpell. It says so in the description of it in the 3rd picture collection, you can see a translation on this page:


    She "borrowed" a lot of clothes in this way.

  8. Calvin Says:

    That Sailor Pluto gown is amazing!
    I can't get over it.
    At first I thought it must have been that Noako took inspiration from the dress, not the other way around. Soo cool! Also reminds me of that YSL Opium perfume and the Black Lady illustration.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    the dress is chanel! and incredibly beautiful.


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