Hay Togashi!

We’re up to 13 weeks in a row for Hunter x Hunter now, and Togashi’s latest anecdote leaves us wondering about his previous absences.


Without waiting for next year, the hay fever in my head has healed.
The treatment is to leave it for seven years.

Togashi mentioned his hay fever once before, but seven years seems like WAY too long a time to go without doing something about it. Your regimen of non-treatment has certainly taken a long time to work, or maybe all that video gaming is just keeping you inside and away from all the pollen. 😛

There is some good news however, Togashi is close to breaking a record.

Prior to 2006, Hunter x Hunter was published frequently since its debut in 1998. His longest continuous publication string was 79 weeks in a row! But since Togashi’s long hiatuses, he has only published 4 continuous strings of weeks and the longest was 13 in a row. Just one more week to go and you’ll be back on track Togashi-san!

So now that even the press has stopped making fun of you for your hiatuses and with your hayfever gone, maybe you can finish everything you want to?

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