Happy New Year from Sailor Moon!

今年 (Happy New Year!) to our readers! We kick off the year with an update from Sailormoon.Channel, which features a nice picture of Usagi and Chibi-Usa in their finest Kimonos wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Among the newest updates include a day in the life of Chibi-Usa, which involves playing with friends, getting yelled at by Usagi and Mamoru, drawing a manga about her friends, and going to sleep. Awhh, how typical of a small child in the Sailor Moon Universe!

We also noticed a mail update which featured Luna answering fanmail from a very diverse bunch of fans! One is from a 19 year old who said she has loved Sailor Moon since Kindergarten, and someday when she gets married and has children, she wants to show her kids the show. Luna responds that she finds it very loving that a parent and a child can like the same show together, and hopes she finds a loving and kind husband! A 9-year-old asked what the difference was between Luna and Luna-P Ball is, and Luna said that Luna-P is modeled after her in the 30th century, and is Chibi-Usa’s toy. Another fan asked why the updates to the mail room are irregular, and Luna responded by saying that she hopes to update more regularly this year. That’s one of our resolutions this year too, along with getting a forum and sorting through the commercials. A 10-year-old girl writes to Luna saying she loves Sailor Pluto and wants to be like her when she grows up, and Luna says that Sailor Pluto is a fine lady that is good to grow up to be like! And finally, a 9-year-old asked why her beloved Usagi never gets fat from eating all that candy, and Luna says that though she has a sweet tooth, she always eats candy in moderation. We’re not sure who writes this, if it’s Naoko or someone else who works at Bandai. Nonetheless, this bunch of letters takes the cake for the funniest yet!

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