Happy Fourth Anniversary, Moon Chase!

While it may have been late in this day full of chaos to remember what day it was today, it is never too late to acknowledge the reason why we are here.

To our fans, friends, and loyal readers who have stuck with us through the thick and thin, thank you for your continued support! We will be here to bring you everything we possibly can in the Sailor Moon world, and your support continues to drive us! We would not have continued with this site past the first week were it not for your support and love!

To Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation Inc. , Kodansha, and all of the actors and actresses who continue to “Sail On” with Sailor Moon, we thank you for bringing us an anime, manga and dorama that is so much more than what we have seen. You have created a pop-culture phenomenon that has touched almost every corner of this world, and we wish, hope, and aspire for the continued success of our Moon Princess as she is resurrected for many years to come!

To my staff, there are not enough words in the English language to say how thankful I am to have you all on this journey that has become about so much more than blogging! Thank you for your energy and continued enthusiasm, especially in these times when I’m not able to be around as much as I used to. Your ideas have all helped to shape this blog into what it has become, and you are all amazing to have gotten to know behind the scenes. Here’s to more of our collective “inside jokes”, reminisces, writer’s block, neverending chasing, and that blonde superhero this site is dedicated to. Though sometimes her trials and tribulations make us all scratch our heads or go crazy trying to chase every detail, at the end of the day she has made our love turn into a different kind of appreciation. Let’s keep this going!

6 Responses to “Happy Fourth Anniversary, Moon Chase!”

  1. Senshi Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I've been visiting since the beginning and you guys have done a great job over the years. It keeps improving everyday. ^^

  2. Sydney Says:

    Happy Anniversary! To one of the very best Sailor Moon sites around that I follow, I salute you! Terrific job on everything!

  3. Brit-chan Says:

    hurray happy bday! Keep up the great work, you guys got me believing in Sailor Moon again. 🙂

  4. Jackie Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I started visiting this site just about two months ago, and it just keeps improving. I love this site, it has kept me posted on anything and everything Sailor Moon and I'm so grateful that it has. This is the best Sailor Moon site that I follow, and congratulations on years of success! May the Moon Princess smile upon you all here at Moon-chase, because we all love you guys for all you've done!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you,for all the hard work and giving us updates on Sailor Moon.

  6. Seiya Says:

    Happy Anniversary from France ! Thanks a lot !!!

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