Halloween Moonie Mayhem!

We really hoped we’d get some more email from fans about what they did for Halloween (but we didn’t 🙁 ). Since there’s video in this post, we’re going to throw up the rest of it after the jump – with a warning: one of our videos is rated R for content. Don’t click the jump below unless you’re okay watching Sailor Moon being portrayed as a dumb blonde alongside references to “tentacles”. If you don’t know what any of that means, then you’re probably too young to hit the jump.

The Halloween Episode of G4’s Attack of the Show featured hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira dressed as a variety of characters… Kevin, not so much. He spent the episode switching between Billy Mays, Richard Karn, and finally, the king of every tween girl’s heart at this moment Zac Efron . Olivia Munn had a greater variety of costumes, including the Google Phone, Noriko from one of my favorite PS3 games this year Heavenly Sword, and Sailor Moon. She didn’t quite get the fuku right, and portrayed her as a dumb blonde . Kevin mentioned she was missing a tentacle, and before you knew it, the pair were wreaking hentai havoc on the set! G4 has posted a video of the show’s highlights… and we have to ask, Olivia, was that last Sailor Moon sketch really that necessary? Check out the photo gallery here and the highlights video here! Thanks to all our fans who wrote in with this sighting!

And finally, we have a sequel to a video we posted a while ago! NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE THE PURE AWESOMENESS OF THE COSPLAY IN THIS ONE! To whoever came up with those ideas for cosplay sketches, we’d really like to know how long it took you to put these together – and if you are planning any more soon! We’d love to see more!

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  1. Games Says:

    Pretty cool pumpkin. I especially liked the rotating color effect. I wish the video would have shown a view inside the pumpkin so we could have seen the electronics behind the lighting effects.

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