Great Eastern Animation Provides New Merchandise Teaser, But No Release Date

A few days ago, we at Moon Chase learned of some new Sailor Moon merchandise being produced by Great Eastern Animation.  This is not the first time that Great Eastern Animation has produced Sailor Moon merchandise.  In the earlier part of this century, their licensed Sailor Moon merchandise included keychains, posters, wallscrolls, and coffee mugs. The new merchandise listed so far consists of playing cards, a wall scroll, a notebook, and a binder.  We’ve featured pictures of these below.  These could even be prototypes for future merchandise that may change when the final product is released.

While fans have been getting excited that this is a sign that there will be an announcement soon about the anime, we’re sorry to have to say this yet again but hold your horses.  There is also no logo on the merchandise that indicates which company has the rights for the anime.  While some speculate that the tiny blue and red logo in the corner represents FUNImation’s logo, this is incorrect.  Fans can see that it is Great Eastern’s logo if they look at it hard enough. We’re not even sure why this merchandise is mentioned online as none of the agreements for anything related to the anime and anime merchandise have been finalized yet (and this is most likely the reason that there are images up and no release date listed).  We have learned this from a source that is not for public consumption, but this has everything to do with a higher parental agreement we alluded to earlier.  Until this higher parental agreement happens for the United States, no anime or merchandise company can sign any agreements for the franchise.  It is also fully possible that since the companies are also fully aware of fans’ attempts to get some of the new merchandise from Italy, that this deal with Great Eastern may be a distribution deal with one of the Italian merchandise manufacturers to bring merchandise to North America. These are simple products, and if they are released in the Fall it could make the perfect complement to Kodansha’s calls for there to be some cooperation with the release of the anime to coincide with the release of the manga for the success of the franchise.  We are already aware of a similar deal with another Italian Sailor Moon product where they have been given permission to open up their orders to fans around the world (but we can’t share which product this is at this time).  Once again, while this is an exciting time to be a Sailor Moon fan, please have patience, everything will come when the time is right.

Merchandise Pictures (Image Credits: Great Eastern Animation)


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