France to Get Sailor Moon Manga (and sadly it won’t be from Glénat)

Pauvre Groupe Glénat In a new interview from Krinein Magazine with the editors of Glénat manga from France, the company kept their promise to keep fans updated about the whereabouts of the Sailor Moon manga. It also stands to be mentioned that Glénat also had a distributing arm in Quebec, so many of their titles reached Canadian Francophone manga fans.   Here is our translation of the question and answer in English :

Sailor Moon:

Fan: It is Glénat who is the French editor of Sailor Moon and Sailor V, I would like to know why Sailor Moon is no longer in the Glénat manga catalogue, and also because the sales of the manga in Quebec are almost exhausted.

Glénat:  We promised to keep you all aware of the situation since the author has recovered all of the rights.  The answers are beginning to come to us, and unfortunately we will not be the publisher of the next version of Sailor Moon.  You will have to ask other editors to see who has won the contract.  Of course, this is a disappointment for us, but these are the rules of the game.

So the question now becomes, who does have the rights to the manga?  Our bet is that it might be Pika Édition, since they already have the rights to several other Kodansha titles including Negima, Shugo Chara, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Love Hina.  Pika Édition also has a distributing arm in Canada for Francophone manga fans.  But, this is all speculation until an official announcement is made.  France and Francophone fans should still rejoice – after a very long wait there is finally some movement on the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga!

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