For Those Of You Looking For A Very Stunning Keiko Kitagawa…

A while ago we told you that Keiko Kitagawa (PGSM Sailor Mars) had been chosen to be one of the models in the new Kanebo Cosmetics Coffret D’Or commercial. We have finally come across it, and sadly though we can’t put a rip up on our commercials channel, we can at least share a link where you can watch them on their official site. Click any one of the copper buttons to watch a variant of the commercial. Keiko is the second girl to come up and talk in a silky white, ruffled dress. There’s an interview here, but unfortunately our translator is on vacation so we can’t translate it for the timebeing.

We know you fans are wondering where our Mop Girl synopses have gone. We haven’t had the time to watch any episodes since the fourth one, and unfortunately the series has ended after 10 episodes. Which is both good and bad news, because we only have 6 episodes left to catch up on! But sadly, we enjoyed the series and are sad to see it go.

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