Flashpoint Update!

We are two days away from the premiere of Stephanie Morgenstern’s Emergency Task Force drama, Flashpoint. While the show has no standalone official website, we have found that the networks sites each offer something different – and that they don’t like to share. Exclusive content that CTV has can’t be accessed from the US, and vice versa for CBS. Thankfully we have at least one member on either side of the border to have all our bases covered :). We’re gonna try to liveblog the premiere as best as blogger will allow us to! The show is already garnering lots of positive buzz on both sides of the border.

CBS’s site doesn’t have a whole lot aside from cast bios, but they do have something that CTV does not: a 5 minute interview with the creators and the actors. Fans get to see Stephanie Morgenstern and her husband Mark Ellis talk about the show, along with the cast members and their takes on their characters. There’s even some behind-the-scenes footage of the show and the cast learning more about their craft from real officers! The promo can be watched here, however it is not viewable on CBS’s site by Canadians.

CTV on the other hand doesn’t have any videos other than a short 1 minute teaser. But, they do have a lot of reading for those of you wanting to learn a lot more about how the series came to be. Fans can check out a bio of Stephanie here, and a very long story about how the show came to be here. Stephanie and Mark had been working on a film adaptation of their short, Remembrance, and we had almost thought that was abandoned in light of Flashpoint (thankfully, we read here that it wasn’t!). We’re disappointed Stephanie neglected to mention her role on Sailor Moon. Sailordees attended a convention in 2004 where she had the opportunity to meet her and she spoke highly of the show saying that it was such a starting point for putting Canadian talent on the map. And we all have to agree because every star on that show has gone on to bigger and better ventures (even we have a hard time keeping up with them all). Hey, if Amy Jo Johnson can get away with mentioning she was a Power Ranger, why be so shy?

Fans who are all over the world can check out an interview they did over Blogtalk Radio here. We are reminding every fan that reads this website in the U.S. or Canada to please check your local listings for this Friday night so we can all support Stephanie Morgenstern and congratulate her on this huge achievement! We wish her the best of luck with this series!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Someone grab the sneak peek off CTV’s page or at least show people how to play it.

  2. sailordees Says:

    We can’t grab the sneak peek from streaming websites and upload them. I am disappointed with how CTV has set up their site. Even the address for the show’s page is TOO long.

    This link should work (for now)
    Sneak Peek

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