Flashpoint Tidbits!

This week’s episode, Asking For Flowers, featured former Jericho actor Kenneth Mitchell playing the abusive cop, Pete Fitzhaven. He talks about his experience with the show and his character in an interview with UGO. While he was really happy with the production being a co-production between the US and Canada, he found it a little challenging to play his character who was drunk the whole time. He also isn’t fond of playing villains too much. Click here to read more about his role and his upcoming work!

And we thought we had it tough, being very busy with Moon Chase this summer. The success of Flashpoint has caused the size of it’s audio production unit to double, as reported by Playback Magazine in their August 4th issue. Typically, a production has 2 sound editors and one assistant to handle all of the audio after the episode has been shot. Flashpoint aired two and a half months earlier than they expected, so now their audio unit has 5 sound editors and 2 assistants just to keep up with the workload and schedule. They are probably huddled right now at Technicolor Toronto on their seven ProTools workstations. Wow, it’s almost as busy as Sailor Moon was when it first started. Roland Parliament said years ago that they had to finish an episode nearly every day, and it was a challenge to keep up with the schedule. Flashpoint also had to increase their picture editors from 2 people to 3, they’ve added another music editor, and they’ve had to hire 2 composers just to keep up with CBS’s schedule. While no one is saying how much all this crew is costing the production, they do say that CBS is taking care of these increased costs. It is thought (but not confirmed) that the show costs between 1.6-1.8 Million dollars an episode to produce! To the crew of Flashpoint, we salute you for your hard work, and we can only hope the dessert you indulge into after all this is over tastes of nothing but sweet relaxation!

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