Flashpoint Season Finale Tomorrow!

Or today depending if it’s Friday when you read this! We’ll be done our work for Animazement really soon – and that’s why there hasn’t been many updates during the week. Anyway, Tomorrow/Today’s Flashpoint will be the last one for a long time. The remaining episodes from what we have read will be used for a third season, which hasn’t been set in stone yet so as of this writing we can’t tell you how many more episodes there will be. We feel that the show is being cut short since we were promised 18 episodes in Season 2 last year by both CTV and CBS, and now it’s down to 13. At the same time, we predict that these 13 + the 5 remaining episodes will likely make up Season 2 in international markets. It’s really a shame that the international markets get all of the episodes intended for each season yet they are aired out of whack back home. And still no word of a DVD release. At this rate, we’re going to have to look into importing the SRU from either Britain or Australia. It’s our convoluted solution, akin to the lengths the team has to go through sometimes to solve a crisis! *Sigh* Canadians isn’t this almost turning into the crisis with ADV’s release of Sailor Moon? It was so sad that a show dubbed in Canada was not widely released leaving many fans having to go buy them online from US stores. And it’s almost the same situation here. Nonetheless, please tune in tomorrow at the very least to see if Sam and Jules resolve their tension?

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  1. Juliana Says:

    I Love Jules & Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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