Flashpoint Ratings: July 31st

Nielsen Media reports that there was a gain in US viewers for last night’s episode of Flashpoint! The show gained approximately 1.1 million viewers (around 16%) from last week, bringing the total to 7.34 million viewers, and a 1.8/6 with the 18-49 demographic. The re-run of CSI before it had 7.94 million viewers so Flashpoint retained a lot of the viewers. It is now thought that broadcast networks in the US will rely a lot more on quality programming from Canada (see, we Canucks aren’t that bad at all!). Watch this space, we’ll be updating with the Canadian ratings as soon as they are released!

EDIT: No sign of the Canadian ratings yet. Usually they are out a few hours after the American ones, but we don’t know why the Canadian ratings haven’t hit the web. We also didn’t get the time to mention that this week’s encore was moved to Saturday on both networks from Sunday . The encore still fared well on CBS , scoring 3.61 million viewers over NBC’sSaturday Night’s Main Event. It doesn’t look like Episode 4 Attention Shopper is going to air this week. The show airing on August 7th will be Episode 6, Who’s George. We sure hope the fourth ep airs soon!

EDIT: (August 8th) The ratings for this episode have finally been released by BBM! Flashpoint scored 1.216 million viewers in Canada and was the third most popular show in Canada that week, just behind So You Think You Can Dance.

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