Flashpoint Ratings: Friday April 3rd, 2008

Hey Moonies – did anyone catch tonight’s episode? Compared to last week’s (“Aisle 13”), I thought it returned back to its old glory. I wasn’t a fan of last week’s episode, and it will probably top my list of worst episodes of Flashpoint – of which there is only one more on that list, “Backwards Day”. I wasn’t entirely convinced by Kristin Booth’s performance. Tonight’s episode, “The Perfect Family” had one of the saddest twists in the entire series, and in another twist, Donna (the team’s newest member) chickens out when she is told to shoot. Not spoiling anymore, west coasters please watch this when it airs! Tonight’s Dollhouse was the first good episode of the series’ entire run so far. Perhaps because this episode’s writer is the only writer so far to have written two episodes (every episode has had a different writer). There are only 3 episodes left, and two others which were made and will probably never come to air. It’s our opinion, along with many other critics that the show will be canceled, and Flashpoint will likely be given a green light for another season. Variety is also calling that the show will survive another season since it is a co-production and cheaper for the network.

Last week’s ratings weren’t stellar, but they were still great enough to earn the top spot in its timeslot, and helped CBS win the night in the US, even though there were no winners since no show last week cracked a 2.0/6 rating with the 18-49 demo. The show scored 8.64 million viewers, and a 1.8/6. In Canada, the show was the 12th most watched show of the week, scoring 1.346 million viewers. Flashpoint was also a good luck charm for CTV’s premiere of Spectacle: Elvis Costello With… which scored 861,000 viewers. Season 2 is expected to film throughout the summer until August 4th. Click here to read a fan’s experience on the set, and among other spoilers, it appears a future episode will deal with high school bullying.

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