Flashpoint Ratings Delayed

Hey everyone – I’m delaying the official Flashpoint Ratings posts until BBM releases the Canadian ones so I can post them together. Reason being, in May , I want to make a large post with a table of all the ratings so that we can see how the show has done in season 1 and season 2. And going through some of my older articles it’s a little tough to follow because there’s such a delay between the two and I didn’t necessarily keep things organized (gomen ^_^).

Also, this month is really busy for me so there will be a lack of articles coming from me. Everything you will see posted on me is going to be timed to go off at various points until probably the second week of May. I may pop in occasionally on the forums – but fear not! The Me will going to keep this site updated throughout the month! The commercials are going to return too, we found a new host and are in the process of uploading new commercials to it.

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