Flashpoint Ratings: August 7th

Good news readers, BBM finally released last week’s Canadian Flashpoint viewer ratings – go check them out here!

We have some very exciting news out of the US to report this morning with respect to the show’s ratings from last night. Flashpoint was the second highest rated show last night, behind the two-hour finale of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. The show scored 7.17 million viewers, and for the first time since it’s rescheduling to Thursday nights, it had garnered 260,000 more viewers than the CSI encore which preceded it! Congratulations to the cast and crew of Flashpoint! The show also scored 2.1/6 with viewers 18-49. We don’t expect to hear from BBM with Canadian ratings until at least next week.

EDIT: BBM finally posted the ratings on Friday, August 15th! Flashpoint is #3 in Canada behind So You Think You Can Dance‘s finale. The show scored 1.3 million viewers across the country!

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