Flashpoint Premieres Today!

Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and her husband Mark Ellis’ brainchild Flashpoint premieres tonight on CTV and CBS (check your local listings). We’ve read a little shaky buzz over the fact that the show is premiering on a Friday, and after reruns of Numb3rs. But most of the reviews we have read are very positive. This is why it’s important for every fan who can to watch it tonight. I was planning on liveblogging it tonight but unfortunately I have to be somewhere when it airs. Nonetheless, I will have a summary up tonight, I’m recording the show and if that fails , I will catch it on timeshift at the very least.

We’ve learned a lot more details about the show in the last day. It costs nearly 2 million dollars to create each episode of the show, and to date is Canada’s most expensive TV production. There are eight episodes finished , with five left to go. Stephanie Morgenstern appears in a few places throughout the series, and she and Mark spoke very candidly about the show in an interview with Blogtalk radio/TV Eh?. Mark even fills in during readings for parts that haven’t been cast yet! Fans should definitely give this podcast a listen if they haven’t already! The first episode Scorpio, is a twist of a real incident which happened in the summer of 2004. The show’s story involves a Croatian man who is very disturbed over a divorce, and he takes an innocent woman hostage in the middle of downtown at lunch. The second episode, First in Line involves a hospital blip where a father learns a heart promised to his ill daughter has been given to someone else. The father then turns the gun on the hospital team leaving the SRU faced with a difficult decision. The third episode The Element of Surprise tells of how drug gangs tear apart families. Cast member Amy Jo Johnson (best known as Kimberly the Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) has a song that will be used at the end of the this episode, to the delight of her fans everywhere!

Again, this is a huge year for all the VAs of Sailor Moon and we here at Moon Chase really want to see them continue on their ventures (so that every year can be bigger than the last)! It’s important for us fans to support them in everything that they do to the best of our abilities. So please, catch this show when it airs! We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Jay Navok at Genvid who has assisted us in promoting this show!

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