Flashpoint in a Flash: Episode 4

This was the best episode of Flashpoint we’ve seen so far! Full Summary after the jump! This episode did have a lot of skin so for those of you chibi-Moonies up too late at night, please don’t sneak around and watch this episode, okay? ^_^

Attention Shoppers
We begin with shots of Toronto at night, and closing in on Eaton Centre… ahh the home of Richtree, the best eatery in Toronto! Gregory Parker’s voice is heard over the intercom as we see shoppers sitting down in a line in the floor of the mall, being searched before they are escorted out. And lurking in the fitting room of a store, is a trembling girl who dials her telephone. Her name is Tasha and she confesses to her mom she killed a girl, and tells her mom she is sorry… and REWIND! Jules leads the SRU to their locker rooms as they chat about music and steaks and get into their gear (warning, you see a little too much of Amy Jo Johnson so don’t watch younger chibi-Moonies!) Now we are at Tasha’s home, where she tries to get her depressed mom out of bed. She seems like a nice girl. She walks out of her grungy apartment to find insults spray painted all over the front. As she walks, she is teased by some other girls which she ignores. Back at the SRU, Ed answers the phone and it’s for Jules from Scott Scarlatti who wants to know if she’s free for a date tonight. It’s a very awkward situation and Jules just nods her head without speaking. The SRU practice dragging Ed around the room. At the mall, Tasha talks with her boss about why she hasn’t been herself lately, and she avoids answering the question saying it’s just her usual stresses. Tasha is confronted by the other girls in the restroom, and we learn that she confessed something to the cops. The gang leader slams her against a stall door, and pushes her around. She’s on the floor being beat up and her hair is being cut by the leader… girls can be so mean! Another girl shows her a gun as the leader threatens her, somehow the gun is dropped, Tasha picks it up and fires it, shooting one of the members. She runs off , and the gang members run after her to seek revenge. THEME SONG! Oh boy, this looks like it’s going to be an intense episode. Commercials! Macy is having a 1 day sale and it’s nice to know everyone can enjoy Oreos! The SRU drives to the mall , and they find out that the girl who was shot was a gang member with a tattoo on her arm. The SRU goes up the glass elevator and realizes they have a tough task ahead of them. Tasha is sobbing as she walks through the mall and looks at her kiosk. The SRU starts questioning shoppers, and they learn that there are teenagers running around the mall. Greg says not to control the shoppers just yet, and they learn that they are all part of the Winchester Crew. Jules sees the hair on the floor and senses there was a forced makeover. She suspects that there’s another victim and that it’s a little personal. And we are taken to the beginning of the episode, where Greg makes his announcement to get all the shoppers out of the stores. The mall is in lockdown. The girls pledge to kill Tasha. Jules finds her backpack and narrows down the high school. Through the security tapes, the SRU identifies the shooter and everyone goes looking for her. Tasha sees the SRU with their dogs and runs. She is spotted and cornered. One of the other gang members spots her and fires the gun, sending the shoppers in a panic and Tasha escapes. OH @#$%! Commercials! Oh who cares about Swiffers and Tropic Thunder… we wanna see how this all ends! The SRU runs through the mall and Wordy gets a gang member. The other two are on the loose, and Tasha is hiding in a fitting room. She is crying, can’t stand the sight of her hair, and takes the gun out from her pocket. The girl lies Tasha is the crazy one and says she is shot in the arm, Ed pulls up her sleeve and sees the gang number. She is now forced to tell the truth about the gang members. Jules uses a thermal scanner to locate two people under a table… not their suspects, but they tell them to put the cameras back. The girls steal some clothes from a store to change their appearance and split up. The SRU is at an advantage because Jules knows how girls work and how they can get revenge! The SRU puts the pieces together and find out who Tasha confessed to the cops about. Tasha is in the fitting room leaving a message for her mother. Luria is outside Tasha’s apartment, and sees the graffitti. She walks inside, to Tasha’s room, which looks just like any normal, happy, girl’s room. Sadly, it’s the tidiest place in the house. One of the girls trips an alarm in the mall, and soon they are both led off by SRU. Tasha’s boss calls her cell phone, she says she is sorry but she won’t say where she is. Tasha holds a gun to her head. As the SRU moves into the store she is hiding in, she pulls the gun to her chest. Commercial! Crystal Light will pump up your water and that guy in the Arby’s ad reminds me of the Nanny from Kevin Hill. More members of the SRU move into the store. Jules and Braddock move into the fitting room, and they find the gun, but Tasha is gone. She escaped through a vent. Ed Lane tries to get some more words out of the girls. Jules is the only one who can fit through the vent. Tasha’s boss tries to say Tasha is a good girl, despite where she lives. Jules catches up with Tasha who is moving towards the roof of the mall. I’ll bet anyone who has been to this mall hasn’t seen it in this way before! Tasha makes her way outside and is ready to jump off the ledge. Future Shop is in the background! Jules learns that she was raped, and drops her gun to try to talk to her. She remarks that she has never seen someone who is ready to die put up an awesome fight. She asks what happened today, and she moves in next to Tasha. Jules talks her through it… I’m not going to say too much more because this really was a great moment in the series and every reader needs to watch this episode! So Tasha agrees not to jump and moves to give her hand to Jules, but she slips! Of course, this is when the trailer ended and we all thought she was going to die… but Jules saves her, and the SRU pulls her up. Commercials! KFC has a value menu, and Papa Murphy’s Pizza looks good. It’s a new day in Toronto, and we hear a piano play the Flashpoint theme song. Tasha is sitting on a stretcher, and Jules talks to her. Tasha asks why Jules did that for her, and she says that she doesn’t go down without a fight, just like her. She leaves her with the paramedics, and walks towards the rest of the SRU, and finally Amy’s song begins to play! Tasha’s boss gives her a hug, the SRU packs up back at headquarters. Braddock walks in on Jules clad in a towel, and he says he was worried about her. He looks at her bruised shoulder, and asks her out to the diner for breakfast, and she agrees. Fade to black… Next week’s episode is about a Military School student who is kicked out and he turns the guns on his high-pressure family.

This in my opinion was the best episode so far of the season – it’s too bad it was aired out of order. You can tell at the end when Jules realizes she has feelings for Braddock. It was a very hard hitting plot and given how bullying has become such a HUGE issue in schools these days all over North America, it was nice to see that there is always a way out of these gangs, no matter how ugly the situation becomes.

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  1. angela Says:

    Wow, a long review. I wish it wasn’t 2:25 AM right now elsewise I would of read the whole thing, lol. Nice to see some readership of Flashpoint, a new show that I’ve beginning to casually watch.

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