Flashpoint DVD News! And a Flashpoint Announcement of Our Very Own!

Hey everyone! Via Mark Ellis’ (hmmm. Should we call him Mr. Sailor Venus now since we’re reporting him on the site so much?) Flashpoint TV Twitter account, we have learned there is finally going to be a North American DVD release on the way! We’re not sure if Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) makes any posts on the site. No word yet exactly on how the episodes will be split up among the releases. It’s nice to finally see DVDs closer to home, and we’re all happy we don’t have to import the boxsets out of the UK or Australia anymore! While we’re on the subject of DVDs, we have once again come across an imposter. We’ve learned of a second bootleg set that is coming out for Season Two. Again, we urge fans NOT to buy this boxset as it is NOT a legit release, and if they see it in a store, to let their local authorities know about it. Besides, they couldn’t even get the name of the series right on the cover, and it just looks tacky.

We’ll catch you up on some other news too. We haven’t been updating on Flashpoint as much as we would have liked to because we’re all hard at work putting our Flashpoint blog together as well as working on Operation Moonrise. We have a brand new staff member and we are shooting for the first week of July for the blog to launch (although anything could happen which could delay this). But the biggest piece of news that has come out in the last few weeks is that Flashpoint has indeed been renewed for a third season. What’s even more interesting about this one is that this time around, CTV seems to be working a little separately from CBS. When the series began, the episodes always aired in simulcast on the two networks, however after the ninth episode aired on both networks (“Planets Aligned”), the next episode “Eagle Two” was scheduled to air the week afterwards only on CTV, however, it did not. Many speculated that CBS was behind this decision, just as they had been calling the shots on many of the details in the shoots. Logos of Canadian companies , while they were still recognizable, they were altered somehow in the broadcasts. For example, a Bell payphone booth in one of the episodes had letters blocked out. Again though, this is all speculation – we can’t confirm if this is the real reason! But, bearing all of this in mind, now it seems that CTV will be airing new episodes of Flashpoint in the Fall, ahead of CBS (which will put them on probably in January or February).

So, look forward to our new staff member posting her Meet the Staff post soon! Oh yeah, and we’re finally going to reveal the name of our Flashpoint blog! It took me a long time to come up with a witty name. For a long time I wanted to call it “Put the Gun Down and Read This!” but for some reason it didn’t jive right. While that line had become one of the more infamous ones on the show, I just couldn’t make it work for the title. But then some days later, that other infamous line from the show popped in my head, and I knew I had a winner – and my main staff at the time all unanimously agreed! We have decided to call the blog “We Got The Solution! A Flashpoint Blog“. And the title has a second meaning as well because many of our readers were as torn as we were about what to do about our Flashpoint coverage, and starting a new blog was our solution! But don’t worry, all you Stephanie Morgenstern fans. If she appears on the show, or something on the show directly involves her, the post will be cross posted here as well. We’re not eliminating our coverage of her from that standpoint!

When the blog is ready, you’ll see it here! For now though it’s only visible to staff as it’s still under construction!

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