Flashpoint Continues To Dominate!

Flashpoint‘s ratings for it’s encore showing on Sunday pulled some good numbers! On CBS the show scored 2.6 out of 5, or for those of us who understand other numbers, 4 million viewers, which was 1 million more than a rerun of Desperate Housewives on ABC. In Canada, the show has been gaining lots of viewers in the 18-49 age group, and holding on to its numbers in the 25-54s. Both age groups are returning numbers in the 400,000s. Flashpoint‘s success in the United States has helped pave the way for other TV shows from Canada to cross the border. ABC is now collaborating with CBC on a pilot for a Montreal sitcom called 18 to Life. This one is about two 18-year-old neighbours who marry on a dare only to face criticism from their parents (YIKES!). Fox has also acquired the rights to produce a U.S. version of CBC’s homegrown-now-international hit, Little Mosque on the Prairie. We’re a little disappointed because a few VAs have appeared on the show with really good performances, and they probably won’t be seen by any of their American fans. Maria Vacratsis’ (Queen Metallia) performance as Mother Hamoudi was one to see!

In more random Flashpoint trivia news, Enrico Colantoni (Sgt. Gregory Parker, the negotiator) loves being back home in Toronto. He still has a lot of family there, and was recently quoted “I’ve always got somewhere to go on Sunday. There’s always a warm place with pasta to eat at my uncle’s house.” Aww, isn’t that nice to have somewhere to enjoy pasta with family and friends after a long week on the job! For all of you Pink Ranger fans, Amy Jo Johnson‘s song Dancing In-Between will be on this week’s episode Asking For Flowers. We’re really excited for this episode as the SRU has to face the tough choice of what to do with one of their own: an abusive cop’s sister-in-law can’t bear to see his battered wife in pain any longer. She takes matters into her own hands – with his gun. There is a short clip of the song on Amy’s website, and CTV has also put up a page with all the music used in the series here. There’s a mistake though, Episode 4 is not called Attention Shopper.

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