Flashpoint Continues Cutting Edge Presentation

Hey Moonies – Flashpoint isn’t on today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you news about it!

Flashpoint to be Broadcast Online in HD

CTV announced yesterday that a new beta player was being launched online, and that three of their top shows, Flashpoint, Corner Gas, and Malawi’s Song were going to be the first shows in Canada to be offered online in HD! This also makes CTV the first network in Canada to stream HD content online! The player uses a combination of technology: Akamai’s Adaptive Edge, Microsoft Silverlight, and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 Smooth Streaming Technology. It promises instant startup time and no buffering (then again, this is the internet and we expect there to be some buffering at the very least). We checked it out and we were impressed! It really seems like Canada is leading the US when it comes to the distribution of this series. Canada can access the show’s previous and current seasons on iTunes, and in standard and high definition on CTV’s website, as well as on television. CBS has not put the show up on iTunes, but the show is available on their network in SD & HD, and in SD on their site. Still no word on a North American DVD release, but we are working hard behind the scenes to get a copy of the UK release soon after it is out.

Do Not Buy This Boxset… Flashpoint Edition!

Speaking of DVDs, a pirated boxset has hit the internet. Please don’t buy it! The DVDs are region free, which in the legit DVD world always rings alarm bells for not being official. We don’t even think that’s the official cover, it looks just like a screencap of a promotional picture we’ve seen kicking around CTV (when you load their official page, this image is a placeholder for whatever video is they have featured). It also features a monochrome CBS DVD logo, but the CBS store does not have a Flashpoint boxset listed anywhere! We haven’t seen this boxset appear at any reputable online sellers – but should any of our fans see it, please email us with where you saw it and we will take action and get a letter campaign started (we’ve been here before)to get this set pulled in favor of an official release.

And to Catch Up on Ratings…

Canada’s ratings for last week’s episode have just been released – the show scored 1.350 million viewers and was the 16th most watched show in the country that week!

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