Finally, We Can End the Catherine Disher Saga…(And A Gemini Awards Update)

We posted not too long ago that Linda Ballantyne had revealed to us that she was in fact the voice of Snow Princess Kaguya in the Sailor Moon S movie – and we watched it again and heard the similarities to other voices she had played in other cartoons. However, one (or more) fans continued to disbelieve this, and posted some very rude comments on our blog. We did some more lurking on the internet, and discovered that many places were still giving Catherine the credit. Moreover, it has never actually been confirmed that she did in fact play Mimete in the S-season, as the episodes on DVD never credited her by name in any episode. Therefore we decided to put an end to this, and investigate this for once and for all. On Thursday, I personally called up Ms. Disher’s agency and spoke to a representative there. The representative tried to get a hold of a voice acting agent, but he was not in at the time. I left my email in the hopes that I’d hear back one way or another. Around an hour later, the representative emailed me back and told me that she played the role of Mimete, and not Snow Princess Kaguya. To you fans who are still skeptical, we can’t prove this any more than we already have. So please stop telling us that we have it wrong, because the agency has given us more “official proof” that she did not play Kaguya. Any further comments to the contrary will be ignored, the research has been done and reported, please let the issue go. Unfortunately, I am unable to share which agency she is represented by on this site, out of respect for her. We won’t report an actor on this site unless we can absolutely verify that they had a role in Sailor Moon.

On a more positive note, this means we have another voice actress to follow on our radar, and we can make a more complete update to our Gemini Awards post. Catherine was nominated for her role on CBC’s The Border as Superintendent Maggie Norton (fans can check out episodes here) in the category “Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series”. Unfortunately, she did not win – Gabrielle Miller (who many know very well as Lacey from CTV’s now ended Corner Gas) won for her role in Robson Arms playing Bobbi Briggs. Lyon Smith (Sapphire) and Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) were also nominated in different categories, but did not win. However, Stephanie Morgenstern and her husband Mark Ellis’ Flashpoint won 3 awards during the initial presentation! This Saturday, many are predicting that it will win more during the broadcast gala. Keep your eyes peeled on Global TV tonight!

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