Fan Submission: Sailor Stars Inspired Music Album by Mary Birchner

Singer (and Sailor Moon fan) Mary Birchner shared this music video with us for her new single, “Throw Stones” which was inspired by Galaxia.

Her new album, Now The Spell Is Broken is being released today, October 27th. The album is inspired by the fifth season of Sailor Moon, so fans may find it an interesting listen!


Here’s a full description of the songs from Mary:

“Throw Stones” – inspired by Galaxia. In-depth description is here [CONTAINS SPOLIERS]
“Lost” – a trio sung from the perspective of the Starlights as they escape from Galaxia’s attack of their home planet. In this piece they wander the universe, bewildered and unsure where to go next.
“Incense Burner Lullaby” – lullaby sung from inside an incense burner by Princess Kakyuu to a sleeping Usagi, in the hopes of giving Usagi strength for her upcoming battle
“Finale” – inspired by the last moments of the final battle in episode 200, sung from Sailor Moon’s perspective as she attempts to free Galaxia’s spirit from Chaos’ clutches.

If you are interested in listening to or buying the album, you can do so from Mary’s Bandcamp page.

Now The Spell is Broken - Cover


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