Facebook Page is Temporarily Being Made Private (Updated again)

Dear Fans:

It has come to our attention that another site is taking screenshots of your comments and posting them on their site, and providing their own “commentary” on what you have posted. We apologize for this, we thought that Facebook was a place for our readers to interact with others and that people who were not fans would respect others’ rights to post whatever they wanted on facebook. We do not know why this site will not leave you (as well as us) alone. In light of this, we are going to turn this facebook page private for administrators only. The facebook page will be restored once this has been resolved.

In the meantime, fans are more than welcome to join our forums at http://moonchase.freeforums.org/ . We have just tightened the settings so that fans may post freely without having to worry about others taking their postings off of the site. No new account can be formed without our approval, and we have been backchecking IP addresses to those we believe are involved before approving them.

Again, we are sorry it has had to come to this, but we are trying our best to fix this situation the best way we can.

EDIT: It’s been 24 hours, so the email screenshots have been removed. Our Facebook page will return soon, don’t worry. As for the ban message that some of you may have encountered, unlike what some people may imply or infer, this was completely unrelated to the current incident involving Facebook, but rather as part of an ongoing problem that we have had to deal with for quite some time.

Rest assured we are working on a more permanent solution that will allow us to once again provide completely unrestricted access directly to our blog.

6 Responses to “Facebook Page is Temporarily Being Made Private (Updated again)”

  1. fireflymessiah Says:

    I never doubted you for a minute. Sailor Moon Uncensored claims that they have opinions on what you are saying and that they are questionable but I think that they are jealous because they are "fighting" for an uncensored release without really contacting the companies or doing anything to get the fans involved. I hope that these emails shut them up soon.

    You should watch out for users Dominic Macias and トンプソン マーカス who have promised to supply them with screenshots. This isn't 1997. People should grow up.

  2. kawaiinatsuko Says:

    How is it "jealousy" when lots of people claim to be involved with companies and have no proof of it whatsoever? I don't think it's jealousy. In MY opinion, which he may or may not share, he was wanting MC to prove that they are legit, instead of just posting publications and letting people blindly follow them, believing that this news site really does have close connections to who they say they do. The single guy that posted the articles about MC expressed his opinions, which I'm sure were shared by others, not just him. He was just the one who happened to have a site that was popular enough that he would be able to get his opinion and views out there so that other fans and MC could see it. He never explicitly stated for other fans to not believe MC because of his views, and he never told them to take action, so how was it a "fight?" If you can find any of his posts and link it that proves that he was trying to "fight" with MC, then I'll gladly retract that statement.

    Telling on people and then stating that they need to grow up looks like a tattle tell yourself. Right, it isn't 1997. People are going to be taking screenshots, whether for good or bad reasons. There are dozens of other ways to get screenshots, with or without the lovely keyboard combinations. Whatever someone posts on the internet can be found elsewhere by hackers and the like, so why on Earth would someone think that the internet could be safe? No offense to MC, but I'll assume that you've tagged me along with SMU if this comment doesn't show up, but facebook is not private. There have been plenty of bugs and threats that prove this.

    Speaking of this, "people need to grow up" and let others post their opinions, even if it's against the opinions and views of the site.

    By the way, is there any reason why it's just the letter block, and not, say, the entire screenshot, where one could see the browser and taskbar/time and such? I can understand if it'd be so big and such, but where's the harm in just not cropping it to the letter and slapping on your watermarks and black outs and posting that?

  3. Dominic Says:

    This is Dominic Macias right here. I have not offered to do such a thing for them. I have been visiting both sites for a number of years and have no interest in getting involved in anything.

    I, for a while, starting being skeptical of Moon Chase like Dan from SMU was. We wanted proof that Moon Chase had the sources they said they did and it turns out that they do. I apologize for being too skeptical to the point where I was just being rude.

    I normally do take what is being said at face value and tend to do my own research and form my own conclusions based on that. I have emailed Moon Chase a couple of times asking for clarification and just to pick their brain on certain issues.

    According to the SMU posting, the Anti-Moon Chase page is going to be archived and the top post does contain an apology to the Moon Chase blog.

  4. christenn Says:

    hopefully, these emails shown here don't jeopardize the series.

  5. Emily Says:

    @kawaiinatsuko I'm not sure where you got the impression that Moon Chase was expecting people to "blindly follow us." We don't have any such expectation. We have even been making efforts to publicly list sources more often, when possible. Usually, if we have a source who does not wish to be named we don't feel comfortable sharing information that could identify them.

    We realize that we make mistakes sometimes, and we do our best to correct those. We have no problems with readers who point out an inaccuracy or request a source.

    If people have concerns over Moon Chase having real connections to various companies, by all means contact the companies we've sent our reports to and ask if they've seen our binders.

    I met Lance Heiskell of Funimation briefly at Sakura Con 2010 (we exchanged business cards). As soon as I said I was from Moon Chase, he excitedly said that he had received our binder and that it was getting attention in Japan. He is a relatively easy person to approach at a convention, anyone could ask him about Operation Moonrise. Also feel free to ask him what he thinks about fan surveys.

    Where did you see someone from MC staff saying we thought he was trying to "fight" with us? I don't recall seeing something like that from staff.

    Does it bother us that he created an anti-Moon Chase page? Yes. But it's not because we expect everyone to like Moon Chase. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some of the claims that were made were based on nothing but assumptions. And personally, it bothers me that he used the logo I created for Moon Chase in the way he did. It's very disheartening to see something that I created pro bono being distorted, especially since I rarely do pro bono work.

    Something he doesn't seem to realize is that the IP banning is not because we want to stop people from reading Moon Chase. We have had an ongoing problem behind the scenes with certain individuals who posted very hateful, sometimes racist comments. The Blogger platform unfortunately does not have a way to block specific people from commenting, so IP blocking was the only way to make it more difficult for people who might try to post inappropriate comments from being able to comment.

    In some cases, we have blocked excessively and we apologize to those who have been affected by this although they were never directly involved in any of the problems we encountered. This was a temporary precaution only.

    We are working on an alternative so that everyone can read the blog and that we can only block problem commenters from being able to comment. For now, people who have their IP blocked can only access the feed in order to read posts. This is not something we wanted to do, but nobody on staff should have to read comments that make them feel bullied.

    We really have not wanted to talk about the drama behind the scenes, because it has nothing to do with the readers of this blog. We also don't want to give extra attention to anyone who feels the need to bully anyone on MC staff.

    Sorry if some of that is too vague, but I don't think it's really appropriate to discuss this too specifically since we are working on ways to resolve things privately.

    We are hoping that we will be able to make improvements soon that will make the blog more widely available to readers while also giving us more control over comments so that moderating can be streamlined.

  6. Yen-sama Says:

    I'm sorry it's come to this. Please come back soon. I miss seeing your updates on my Facebook feed.

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